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Introducing Cli-Mate, a Dating App to Swipe Right on Who’s Left

Watch the world burn with the ‘mate of your fleeting dreams! (Photo by Wesley Balten on Unsplash)

Is your dating life a natural disaster? Are you going through your own extreme drought? Tired of feeling carbon-neutral about your love life? Looking to share your fleeting hopes, dreams, and atmos-fears with someone special? Ready to get out of the friend ozone? …

Drill down, hard stop, organic growth, strategic fit…

You heard the sign. (Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash)

Meetings with your boss will never be the same.

“Action Item”

A super-hot situation, desire or thirst that must be addressed immediately — with or without another person.

“All-Hands Meeting”



The energy or mental capacity required to get that booty.

“Best Practice”

Safe sex.

“Big Data”

The number of partners you’ve had; the amount of porn deleted…

It’s like Coachella meets Love Island meets my personal delusions!

Photo by Lukas Eggers on Unsplash

MANiFEST is a brand-new, highly anticipated, three-day festival that I manifested while sitting alone in my apartment for a year tweeting about sex and dating instead of doing either. The fest’s mission is simple: to make up — and make out — for lost time! Derived from the word that…

When everyone is shocked to find out your age…

I never really thought about what life would look like at 37.

Perhaps I was confident enough to believe that when the time came, I would boast, at the very least, a life I carefully curated & cultivated on my own, one where I made all the rules, replete with…

Can’t wait ’til the CDC’s only concern is my sex life.

A mask is something you still wear, but mostly to disguise yourself when leaving one of your many lovers’ houses. (Photo by Tonik on Unsplash)

Imagine it: the pandemic is over. Most of us are vaccinated. Life has returned to “normal.” And the terminology we heard day after day for so long has been given new meaning — particularly by single people who tweeted about sex during quarantine instead of having it.

Super-Spreader Event

When people can…

Making the most of a year that didn’t give us much.

This is my writing desk, and yet, I do all my best work in my bed. (And my best writing.) HEY-O.

It is virtually impossible to put this entire year into words, to articulate the emotional logistics, to attempt to make sense of it all — but we’re certainly going to try, aren’t we? Words are how we relate, cope, endure, reflect, find the light in the darkest room. And, with…

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