A Sexual Glossary of Workplace Buzzwords

Drill down, hard stop, organic growth, strategic fit…

Sara K. Runnels
2 min readSep 23, 2021


You heard the sign. (Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash)

Meetings with your boss will never be the same.

“Action Item”

A super-hot situation, desire or thirst that must be addressed immediately — with or without another person.

“All-Hands Meeting”



The energy or mental capacity required to get that booty.

“Best Practice”

Safe sex.

“Big Data”

The number of partners you’ve had; the amount of porn deleted from your browser history.

“Bottom Line”

Butt stuff.


The sound your vibrator makes after a disappointing romp.

“Circle Back”

To follow up (and down and up and down and…)


When your humping wakes the neighbors.

“Drill Down”

To ignore high-level sex positions and get back to the foundation of lovemaking; missionary.

“Exit Strategy”

To discreetly leave a one-night stand’s apartment without an awkward interaction.

“Get the Ball Rolling”


“Give 110%”

When you last 41 minutes after 69.

“Hard Stop”

A significantly less funny term for blue balls.

“Low Hanging Fruit”

Something you should never call your partner’s genitals.


When you have to tell a small penis what to do.

“Noodle On It”

A task no one should ask you to do in any context, unless pasta is involved.




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