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What the flock?

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A group of single dads is called a caravan.

A group of travel enthusiasts is called a pack.

A group of men with class is called a school.

A group of guys holding fish is called a cast.

A group of gay men is called a pride.

A group of Ted Bundy lookalikes is called a murder.

A group of men in debt is called a collection.

A group of bros on a quest is called a tribe.

A group of men holding babies is called a bundle.

A group of guys looking for BJs is called a gaggle.


Because you liked Adam G., we recommend…

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Single people browse dating apps the same way we all browse Netflix — by scrolling endlessly through thousands of options trying to find the best one (for this moment, at least). What if there was a dating app that functioned the same way Netflix does — perfectly categorized to help you decide who’s binge-worthy and who’s skippable?

New Releases

In this section, you’ll find everyone who is new to the app or anyone recently released back into the wild after a relationship.

Trending Now

Welcome to an entire category dedicated to the top hotties in your area. (These people are…

It’s like Coachella meets Love Island meets my personal delusions!

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MANiFEST is a brand-new, highly anticipated, three-day festival that I manifested while sitting alone in my apartment for a year tweeting about sex and dating instead of doing either. The fest’s mission is simple: to make up — and make out — for lost time! Derived from the word that inspired it, this event literally combines “man” + “I” + “fest” and exclusively caters to the dreams and desires of single people everywhere (but “I,” in particular) by executing one massive, Bachelorette-style group date with a bunch of eligible, agreeable men.

What MANiFEST is: One woman simply taking a year’s…

When everyone is shocked to find out your age…

I never really thought about what life would look like at 37.

Perhaps I was confident enough to believe that when the time came, I would boast, at the very least, a life I carefully curated & cultivated on my own, one where I made all the rules, replete with revelry & spontaneity & subjective success. But there were never any clear, insurance-policy-changing visions of the future, like I know others have counted on — marriage, picket fences, a million babies, a general lifestyle not contingent on rideshare or dating apps, conventional milestone after conventional milestone. …

Can’t wait ’til the CDC’s only concern is my sex life.

A mask is something you still wear, but mostly to disguise yourself when leaving one of your many lovers’ houses. (Photo by Tonik on Unsplash)

Imagine it: the pandemic is over. Most of us are vaccinated. Life has returned to “normal.” And the terminology we heard day after day for so long has been given new meaning — particularly by single people who tweeted about sex during quarantine instead of having it.

Super-Spreader Event

When people can safely and collectively begin sleeping around again.

“Four of my single friends told me they got laid last night — the Super-Spreader Event has begun.”

Essential Business

Casual sex.

“Do you know where Sara is?” “She’s out doing essential business.”


The number of men I’m seeing at any given time, usually between…

Making the most of a year that didn’t give us much.

This is my writing desk, and yet, I do all my best work in my bed. (And my best writing.) HEY-O.

It is virtually impossible to put this entire year into words, to articulate the emotional logistics, to attempt to make sense of it all — but we’re certainly going to try, aren’t we? Words are how we relate, cope, endure, reflect, find the light in the darkest room. And, with distance no longer an option but a requirement, words are how I’ve felt the closest to others — loved ones and strangers alike. The most poetic thing about this fucked-up year is that we’ve all existed in the same ongoing nightmare; no matter what the future holds, we are bound…

No, it’s not #SponCon. We just, like, really love Pfizer’s products!

A person’s hand with a medical exam glove on, holding five vials of Covid vaccine in their palm.
A person’s hand with a medical exam glove on, holding five vials of Covid vaccine in their palm.
Photo: Manuel Medir/Getty Images

Hey, ladies! It’s me, your favorite quarantine queen, pandemic princess, frugal fashionista, merlot mommy, and 2020 self-titled influencer of the year! I just wanted to hop on Instagram Live real quick. I know you’ve all been asking (in the comments, in my DMs, via email, and some of you even wrote me letters handwritten by candlelight) about where I got the supersoft sweatpants I’ve been wearing all month.

Well, that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

We’ll be finding out what’s inside this large box in front of me — yes, the one right here with the adorable packaging…

Other year-end recaps are no MATCH for this one.

In a relationship with: My Dating Apps

As we close out on a shitshow year, it is both fun and depressing to reflect on how we spent our time. I — like many who were single through a global pandemic (and long before) — used countless hours to swipe through dating apps, even though dating IRL was mostly off the table. Here’s what I imagine a combined usage might amount to in a year-end recap.

Top 5 dating apps you used to “meet” guys:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • UberEats

Top 5 types you were into:

  • Guy who had a beard
  • Guy wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt
  • Guy who looked like he’d be into you
  • Guy who painted a very clear picture…

Everything you didn’t need to know about #succeeding.

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What is a LinkedIn influencer?

Above all, I am a thought leader. I have thoughts, and they lead me to extraordinary places. I’m an expert in my field. Which field? Any field that requires passion, strategy, experience, skills, motivation, and success. I’ve held jobs. I’ve done business. I connect with executives for sport. I apply for jobs for breakfast. I’m the founder & CEO of my entire life. I am the only one in the world who truly knows how to network.

What do you… influence?

Businesses. Businessmen. Business women. Anyone who has ever said the word “business.” I inspire job-havers and job-haters to be bold enough to make…

Sara K. Runnels

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